December 11, 2017


Ali Taghavi
Founder, Ali Taghavi New York

Ali Taghavi is a visionary designer known throughout the industry for his decisively keen eye for texture, detailed construction, sought-after color stories and identifying and designing new materials. One of the fashion industry’s favorite Design Directors and a versatile, go-to collaborator for more than two decades, Taghavi’s career has included manning top fashion houses as a design director for men’s and women’s styles at Oscar De La Renta, TSE Cashmere, Weatherproof and the limited.

Taghavi was born in Iran and studied at top boarding schools England and then earned a degree in Fashion and Art at University of Brighton. Upon graduation Taghavi moved directly to New York where he shot up the ranks as a prized designer for Evan Piccone, Jennifer Reed, Ryan Kenney and Jeffrey Banks. A materials and knitwear specialist, Taghavi has created several highly successful knitwear collections, which have included sold-out creations for DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Jeffrey Banks, Liz Claiborne, Express, The Gap, Nautica and many more multi-million dollar businesses. A key to Taghavi’s success is his immense technical knowledge and his ability to create signature fabrics that stood out in the textile industry for their variable surface interest.

Now running two eponymous labels, Ali Taghavi Fashion and Ali Taghavi Jewlery, Taghavi is enjoying the fruits of his experience. Ali Taghavi’s inaugural Spring/Summer 2010 collection includes exquisitely tailored dresses, jackets and separates that are extremely wearable, beautifully constructed, sensuously fitted and timelessly sophisticated. His Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2010 collections will cement his reputation as one of America’s most talented and tasteful designers.